Solution for traceability

Our proven data management solution enables the sharing of provenance data from catch to kitchen.

We work with global fisheries to help them meet the critical need for more sustainable seafood and aquaculture.

How does it work?

RADIX Tree enables you to connect with your partners in the supply chain – similar to a social network – to share and collect important sustainability information about your products. The flexibility of RADIX Tree also means that multiple compliance processes can be managed with one and the same system. The platform can be further developed for consumer interaction, certification, quality assurance and nutritional claims.

Step 1: Connect

Companies connect with their suppliers on RADIX Tree in the form of virtual ‘business relationships’. The suppliers in turn repeat the process with their own suppliers and thus expand the network.

Step 2: Divide

As soon as the connection is established, data can be exchanged with suppliers. These can be key data elements such as species or fishing methods, certifications or nutritional information. User-defined transaction templates ensure that suppliers can provide the necessary information on their products intuitively and efficiently.

Step 3: Check

The data is automatically checked according to customizable check rules. For example, the use of special fishing methods for wild catches or the use of special feed in aquaculture, the certification status and many other parameters. The warning system ensures rapid risk identification.