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We know how to achieve transparent and compliant supply chains.

Global Traceability Solutions was founded in 2010 with the aim of simplifying the complexity caused by different and constantly changing supply chain regulations and counteracting the lack of transparency in global business.

Our team’s more than 30 years of experience in traceability and sustainability have enabled us to develop a user-friendly, scalable and cost-effective solution.

We are aware that achieving transparent and legally compliant supply chains is challenging.

As governments increasingly regulate the origin of products and consumers become more environmentally conscious, it can be difficult to keep up with developments without cutting corners or getting bogged down in paperwork.

RADIX Tree was developed to address the complexities of compliance caused by the European Timber Regulation, which will be surpassed by the European Deforestation-free Regulation from December 2024.

The platform makes it easier for you to network with your suppliers along the entire supply chain. Our flexible and intuitive tool enables you to track products, check supplier data, while digitising and optimising your entire compliance process.

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Our story.
How our software grows with the law.


The EU enacts the EU Timber Regulation to ensure ethical supply chains for timber.

Partnering with private and institutional investors, Ulrich Heindl founds GTS with the purpose of developing a solution to simplify and accelerate supply chain compliance.


GTS launches its RADIX Tree platform, which is being developed in collaboration with leading DIY stores.

After further perfecting the solution, GTS opens its product to FMCG companies and certifying organisations.

03 / 2013

The EUTR enters into force.

GTS is able to provide the best solution on the market to meet the requirements of the supply chain compliance and appeal to a wider customer base. GTS keeps innovating its platform and shaping it as customer-oriented as possible.

06 / 2023

The EU extends the EUTR to soy, cocoa and chocolate, coffee, cattle, palm oil, timber and rubber and approves the EU Deforestation-free Regulation.

RADIX Tree is updated to be compliant with the new regulation.

12 / 2024

The EUDR comes into effect.

Companies can rely on GTS, with more than 10 years of experience in supply chain compliance, to effectively manage the complexity of the new regulatory environment. RADIX Tree is here to ensure the best experience.

We believe that better global supply chains are possible and achievable with the right tools.

With RADIX Tree, companies have full control over their supply chains, enabling them to make informed decisions about compliance and sustainability. Since the launch of RADIX Tree, thousands of companies from multinationals to small producers – have trusted us to support them in reaching their business goals.

An international team that supports global companies

Working with Global Traceability Solutions means working with a network of experts spread across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

We use our employees’ knowledge of local markets to gather reliable consulting insights and offer the best experience to our customers.

Our language skills include German, English, Mandarin, Italian and Arabic.

Our experts

Dr. Ulrich Heindl

Dr. Ulrich Heindl


Ulrich is the founder of GTS and a real expert in supply chain transparency and sustainability. He kick-started this company to develop a flexible, customer-centric and scalable supply chain traceability solution. He has extensive experience in implementing digital solutions for the food, biomass, wood, seafood and clothing supply chains.

Greg Holmes

Greg Holmes

Director of Business Operations

Greg is our Operations and Delivery Director at GTS. An internet pioneer influencing web-based solutions since the 21st century. With a background rooted in innovation and a flair for crafting bespoke applications and tailored services, he has a wealth of experience shaping digital landscapes, partnering with companies of all sizes, and driving and delivering their digital evolution.

Tobias Stäuble

Tobias Stäuble

Traceability Expert

Specialised in timber legality and traceability, Tobias is a lead researcher for the WRI with +25 years of experience in the forest-based sector. He conducted fieldwork on timber legality assurance systems and published on traceability systems with WRI and FAO. He joined GTS in 2022 to ensure the quality of risk assessment services and develop the EUDR services.