Simplify your compliance strategy with RADIX Tree: your trusted partner.

The end-to-end solution for supply chain compliance management.

RADIX Tree is the platform for the intelligent implementation of supply chain compliance management. Track your business operations from the field, forest or sea to your customer – all in one place.

Radix Tree For All Industries


Tailor your experience in RADIX Tree based on your products, your industry and your requirements.

End-to-end service

Optimise the entire supply chain compliance process by managing it in one single place, from start to finish.

Flexible pricing

Take advantage of our subscription models that adapt to the number of your supply chain partners.

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  • Engage your suppliers.
  • Collect information from your supply chain.
  • Verify your suppliers’ information using automated verification methods.

What functions does RADIX Tree offer?

Business Relationships

Build up your network

  • Interact with your supply chain partners and invite them to join your network.
  • Map your business relationships – from your subsidiaries to any organisation involved in the supply chain environment.

Share information

  • Collaborate with your suppliers to access the right information.
  • Collect standardised information and relevant documents.
  • Trace your products from origin to end user.

Verify your information

  • Validate automatically the data shared by your suppliers.
  • Customise the validation settings.
  • Receive support through notifications, e-mails, and a traffic-light warning system.

With RADIX Tree you have access to a whole range of valuable benefits.

We have developed this tool with the aim to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of services throughout the compliance process.

Time and effort savings

RADIX Tree introduces intelligent automation and process optimisation, cutting back on irrelevant work.

Compliance simplification

We provide the right technical tools and expert guidance to help you pass your compliance audits.

Risk management

You can use RADIX Tree to optimise your compliance processes and bundle important data in one place.

High-quality data

The templates on RADIX Tree let suppliers focus their efforts on collecting only the necessary information.

Rapid risk mitigation

Our risk assessment services allow you to identify and effectively address compliance-related risks in advance.

What makes RADIX Tree better than other options on the market?

Radix Tree Platform for all Industries.

It is an end-to-end solution that enables you to reach supply chain compliance from start to finish without the need for further integrations, partners or contracts.

The platform enables the automated collection and reporting of data. It also provides templates and instructions on which documents are required in each situation, thus reducing the effort and costs for the operator.

Above all, RADIX Tree is the smart tool that minimises the financial impact of supply chain compliance because it offers service packages to suit the size of your business – individually expandable and customizable.

The advantages of our solution


RADIX Tree has an intuitive interface, meaning that users can experience a steep learning curve.


RADIX Tree is easily adaptable to help users comply with various laws (EUDR, LkSG, Ecodesign).


We act on behalf of our clients to manage official communications with authorities, at no extra cost.


RADIX Tree entails automation tools and templates to make your compliance process fast and safe.


We put at your service our 30-year long extensive experience in digital supply chain traceability.


RADIX Tree is a cloud-based, SAP-integrated platform, ensuring a maintenance-free deployment.

EUDR and how RADIX Tree can help you

The EUDR requires companies to ensure that goods produced on deforested or degraded land after December 31, 2020 do not enter the EU market. Companies must demonstrate that they comply with the EUDR by carrying out due diligence and establishing that there is no or only a negligible risk.

A due diligence system consists of three parts:

Data collection

Collection of data on the supply chain of your products, including information on the geographical location and the period of primary agricultural or forestry production.

Our Radix Tree solution allows you to engage your suppliers and bring together the information and evidence provided by your entire supply chain in a predefined way to promote reporting and standardisation. It also helps you automate data management by alerting you to which documents you need for each of your products or if any are missing.

Risk assessment

Evaluate the information collected to assess the risk that your products are associated with deforestation, forest degradation or illegality, including human rights.

Our in-house auditors, who have more than 30 years of experience in supply chain traceability and regulatory compliance, can produce detailed due diligence reports on deforestation and human rights. RADIX Tree simplifies the work of data analysis enormously. It shows, for example, whether your trading partners have submitted all necessary documents or whether you can incur in the risk of buying illegal raw materials.

Risk mitigation

Reduction of a non-negligible risk. Measures could include obtaining further information, independent surveys, laboratory analyses or field audits.

Conventional methods of risk mitigation are very costly in terms of personnel and organization. RADIX Tree can change this process. At the touch of a button, you can generate EUTR-relevant reports for all your products. Our team’s vast experience is another asset when it comes to providing guidance on how you can avoid the risk of infringement and ensure compliance.

Get advice and support from Global Traceability Solutions experts to improve your supply chains

RADIX Tree is a digital platform for the traceability of products in any supply chain, helping companies to meet compliance and sustainability requirements.

RADIX Tree is suitable for any industry that needs to follow its supply chains and meet legal or sustainability-related requirements.

RADIX Tree enables companies to collect and track important information and documents from their suppliers to ensure their adherence to compliance and sustainability requirements.

RADIX Tree is a cost-effective and flexible platform that helps companies automate complex supply chain processes, maintain compliance and analyze data to achieve sustainability goals.

Global Traceability Solutions sets high standards in terms of data protection and data security. We ensure that your data remains safe and secure.

Implementation may vary depending on the size and complexity of your supply chain. However, our team of experts will ensure that the process is as quick and seamless as possible.

RADIX Tree allows you to connect with your suppliers and their suppliers to exchange information and documents. Our team will help you integrate your supply chain.

To try out RADIX Tree, you can contact us and request a free demo. We will be happy to show you how RADIX Tree can work for your company.