What is traceability?

Traceability is the ability to identify and verify an object’s history, including the source of all raw materials to make it or origin of harvest and all the processes undertaken at each stage of the supply chain.

Why is it so important?

Sustainability is impossible without traceability. To ensure products are sustainable, businesses must know their supply chain and be able to verify the source of raw materials and sustainability of the processes used to make it.

Traceability also improves a business’s control over their supply chain and their ability to mitigate risks or implement product recall. Traceability – by improving the credibility of the product – adds value and boosts consumer trust in a brand.

Implementing traceabilityGlobal Traceability RADIX Tree Software Timber Illustration

Collaboration with your supply chain partners is crucial for the implementation of traceability. Some supply chains are simple; they can be drawn on a piece of paper.  However, others are extremely complex.  When it comes to sustainably sourcing a lot of materials through international trade, you have to go into a lot of detail.  The timber and paper industry, for example, contains considerable complexity.

This is where traditional chain of custody systems and corporate information systems such as ERP software fall down.  It is extremely hard to get all the suppliers in the supply chain onto those systems without having a physical presence and setting up software locally for them to report back to their customer.  Cloud technology provides an environment which is accessible to everybody.

RADIX Tree is our solution to overcome these obstacles. Providing efficient and easy to use platform for connecting supply chain partners online. Flexible tools enable secure data sharing, giving you control over your data.

Watch our introduction to RADIX Tree to see how the online platform facilitates traceability:

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