Introducing RADIX Tree 2.0

RADIX Tree is the platform for tracing your supply chain. From the field, forest or ocean to your customer.

The New RADIX Tree

A smarter, more flexible RADIX Tree

Collaborate with your suppliers. Gather sustainability information. Monitor your suppliers responses with automated verification.

RADIX Tree trace supply chain
Software integrations on radix tree

User-friendly interface

New dashboard and custom features for your business requirements. Represent your supply chain with an easy to use process.

Dynamic new tools

New tools for clear communication with your suppliers and time saving automated data validations.

Enhanced performance & integrations

Powered by SAP Hana TM. Enterprise level software with your subscription. Enables integration with SAP Analytics Cloud.

The multi-compliance solution


Sustainability,  CO2 emissions,  timber legality, CSR & more.

Manage all your compliance needs in one system. Our flexible functionalities can represent all supply chain actors. 

Dynamic templates enable swift information sharing between suppliers and clients.

RADIX Tree for all compliance needs


  • Send invites or import your supply chain partners
  • Represent all types of relationships like subsidiaries or members


  • Start collaborating with your supply chain
  • Share dynamic questionnaires
  • Origin to shop batch level traceability


  • Automated validation of shared data
  • Custom validation settings
  • Alerts, emails and traffic light warning system.

Hear from our clients

“RADIX Tree allows us to have organised and readily available documents at hand to ensure an effective due diligence process.”

〉 Home 24 / spokesperson


RADIX Tree represents a “substantial improvement for the DIY industry when complying with the regulations.”

〉 Andreas Back, BHB and Hornbach


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