EUTR due diligence solution from NEPCon and Global Traceability

Launched in 2016, Global Traceability and NEPCon now offer an integrated solution that supports your implementation of EU Timber Regulation and your own legality and sustainability policies.

The solution combines two tools, Global Traceability’s RADIX Tree – an online platform that enables the sharing of sustainability data along supply chains – and NEPCon’s LegalSource – a tailored due diligence service that assists the development and improvement of due diligence systems and procedures.

By combining both the technical platform and legal expertise, your company is provided with the system to trace your timber supply chain and the highest standard of support to mitigate risk.

Who are we?


Global Traceability are the providers of RADIX Tree, an online platform that enables businesses and organisations to share and record data with their network of suppliers and clients. We work with industry leading companies to accurately map their supply chains, retrieve sustainability data and trace products back to source.

nepconlogoNEPCon are formally recognised by the European Commission as an EUTR Monitoring Organisation, based on their EUTR-compliant due diligence system and competencies. The LegalSource system is applied by a number of large companies in the EU and globally including retailers, timber traders and manufacturers.


How the service works

You can read how we’re implementing this solution for the retailer DT Group here.

Global Traceability delivers the technical expertise by providing the online data management and evaluation solution involving all necessary stakeholders in the due diligence process. NEPCon’s LegalSource services include evaluation of information integrity, risk assessment and risk management. Throughout the service your primary point of contact will be your NEPCon advisor.

  1. Setting up your RADIX Tree accountoverview-of-features

First we set up your company’s account on RADIX Tree. The web-based platform works much like a social network by connecting your suppliers as Business Relationships. Your suppliers repeat the process and connect with their own suppliers, mapping the supply chain, enabling you to record all the necessary information and documentation.

  1. Tailoring the system to track your products’ supply chain

Rules set up on the platform are used to validate the availability and accuracy of the information provided by your suppliers. For example, a retailer may require the tree species and country of origin of all timber products for each shipment.shipments_verifications

  1. Receiving and responding to alerts

nepconreceivesalertsIf the data input is inadequate, the system alerts you. Combined with a traffic light warning system, the RADIX Tree empowers you to react and respond appropriately in a targeted, time and cost-efficient manner.

All information and documentation is collected in one place, available for the evaluation of the risks and the initiation of risk mitigation processes when needed.

Risk assessment

As part of the LegalSource service, you are assigned an expert to help tailor the system to your requirements. They are granted viewing access to your RADIX Tree account to monitor data shared by your supply chain.

 NEPCon also provides the following assistance as part of the service:

  • Support to refining alerts to cover specific challenges that you are facing.
  • Review of alerts, risk screening and recommendations for follow-up actions.
  • NEPCon’s LegalSource team may also take care of follow-up actions. This may range from gathering of further information to supplier verification in the field. Such additional LegalSource assistance is optional and will typically be agreed on an ad-hoc basis.

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