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RADIX Tree for Lieferkettengesetz compliance

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Supply chain transparency on RADIX Tree

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RADIX Tree Supply Chain Transparency Service

We’ve built an automated risk analysis service on the RADIX Tree platform. This provides you with a quick way to comply with the Lieferkettengesetz (LkSG) and an online digital record of all your suppliers.

 Reduce risk, save time.

Supply chain transparency on RADIX Tree

With new regulatory requirements in Germany and Europe, businesses must know their suppliers do not breach human rights or harm the environment.

To start, in 2023 the Lieferkettengesetz will require that companies with 3000+ employees identity, prevent, end or at least minimize the extent of human rights and environmental risks along their supply chains. Read our guide to the new law here.


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If you are affected by the new legal obligations and are looking for a smart solution to fulfil your obligations, you are in good hands with us. With RADIX Tree, we offer you a lean and practical tool for this purpose. Simply arrange a demo.

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How it works

Gather data

Start by inviting your suppliers to RADIX Tree so they can input the critical information using our expert designed template.


Our automated risk analysis tool then checks the information about your supply chain according to the criteria required for compliance.


Each of your suppliers will be given a risk rating, highlighting any concerns so you can quickly mitigate in compliance with the law.


Next, RADIX Tree will create your report showing all your suppliers’ ranking, ready to export.

We provide the service and our team’s expertise to help businesses to engage with their supply chains


We launched the compliance management platform RADIX Tree in 2012 to enable efficient data collection along the entire supply chain, helping businesses to identify risks and meet their sustainability ambitions.

We have built a bespoke solution on RADIX Tree for the Lieferkettengesetz, designed by our legal experts.

With RADIX Tree you can gain control of how your company manages due diligence, reducing risk in the most efficient way.

The solution inspired by experience

Over 10 years of experience providing regulatory compliance services. We know the Lieferkettengesetz and have built the solution to overcome the biggest challenges for business.


Hiring and training for expertise in LKSG


We have the expertise you can trust. Our digital templates ensure you’re working with the right data for the LkSG compliance.


Time, effort & paperwork


Use RADIX Tree as your all-in-one solution to connect with suppliers, perform analysis and report your compliance.


Volume of suppliers to assess


RADIX Tree and our automated risk analysis is entirely scaleable to your needs, whether you have 100 or 1000 suppliers.

Ask about our complete service packages

Our simple subscription packages give you access to RADIX Tree and our expert designed tools. Looking for more support for your Lieferkettengesetz compliance? We also offer a complete due diligence service. Get in touch for more information.

  • Supplier onboarding
  • Data gathering
  • Analysis
  • Pre-assessments
  • Risk Assessment
  • Reporting
  • Mitigation measures
  • Follow-up & support

Download our free guide to the Lieferkettengesetz and RADIX Tree

We know that many people responsible for supply chain law and supply chain compliance do not always have it easy in their company. But we support you at all levels. Take our presentation if you want to present the topic further.