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RADIX Tree for EU Deforestation-free Regulation compliance

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Our solution simplifies your EU Deforestation-free Regulation due diligence process.

We’ve developed the next generation in compliance management solutions for the incoming EUDR. Businesses use RADIX Tree to quickly connect with their supply chain partners to share critical information on their products.

Our experts have created an automated process to verify that information according to deforestation-free due diligence criteria.


Commodities for EUDR compliance solution
RADIX Tree for EUDR - EU Deforestation-free Regulation compliance

Trace cocoa, coffee, timber, rubber, palm oil, cattle or soy products on RADIX Tree

How it works

RADIX Tree enables you to connect with your supply chain partners – much like a social network – to share and collect vital sustainability information on your products.

Our dedicated EUDR template ensures suppliers know exactly what information is required and can easily upload it to the platform. 

The EUDR also requires analysis of geo-location to demonstrate that commodities were not produced on any land deforested or degraded after 31 December 2020. Our interactive geo-location tool enables you to track the changes in tree cover at the precise harvest location for quick and easy analysis.

EUDR Deforestation free due diligence solution RADIX Tree

Step 1: Connect

Operators connect with their supply chain partners on RADIX Tree as Business Relationships. Different types of relationships can be easily represented, i.e supplier, subsidiary.

Step 2: Share

Users share their transaction on RADIX Tree using our EUDR template, so suppliers can simply complete the required information on their products.

Step 3: Verify

Shared data is validated in real-time alerting the user to potential issues to quickly mitigate risk. Check the precise level of tree cover using our geo-location tool.

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Why RADIX Tree?


Easy to implement – even with complex supply chains with multiple compliance requirements.


Cost effective – subscriptions are scaled according to the number of connections needed.


Save time and effort – End reliance on paper and spreadsheets, with both operators and suppliers sharing data efficiently, repeating a familiar process.


Better quality data – Expert created templates, with automated  validation.

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