New milestone as Global Traceability grows with three new colleagues in 2022

We are delighted to announce an important milestone in Global Traceability’s history as we welcome three new team members to strengthen our expertise and expand our capabilities.

21 Feb 2022

Welcome to Maria Garrido, Alessandra Salvalaggio and Tsai-Yi Lin!

Tsai-Yi and Alessandra join our EUTR and timber legality risk assessor team, supporting our clients’ due diligence process for wooden products. Tsai-Yi, based in Taiwan, with a degree in Forestry from National Taiwan University, expands our capabilities and connectivity with clients and their suppliers based in Asia. Alessandra studied at the Free University of Bolzano and the Albert Ludwig Universität Freiburg has a Masters in Forest Sciences. She brings 3 years of experience at the timber producers and traders Florian Legno, where she managed product certification, quality and EU standards. She brings valuable insight and knowledge of the timber industry.

Our EUTR due diligence services have expanded significantly since the launch of our RADIX Tree platform in 2012, designed as a flexible solution for EUTR supply chain information gathering requirements. We now serve our clients, from major retailers to manufacturers, with specialist risk assessment and supplier training services. Tsai-Yi and Alessandra will widen our capacity and give us a truly global outlook.

Maria joins us as Project Manager with a focus on our sustainability solutions, as Global Traceability expands into new sectors. Maria, who is trained as a lawyer, brings a diverse and international experience having worked across Europe and Latin America. Maria has previous project management experience at Vecon and Ionity/Shell (Electric Vehicles). She has a passion for sustainability and tackling climate change, with additional certifications in the green economy, sustainable finance, green fiscal policy and climate change. We look forward to working with Maria at Global Traceability, to develop new technological solutions to bring forward a more sustainable society.

On our new team members, our CEO Ulrich Heindl stated:

This is a fantastic moment for our company. Maria, Alessandra and Tsai-Yi each bring new knowledge and ideas that will help us develop as a company and deliver the solutions required for greener supply chains across the world. We are ambitious about the future and delighted to have them on board.’

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