Integrity Through Traceability

How an efficient solution to supply chain traceability can help ensure integrity for standard setters.

Ensuring high sustainability standards from everything from food to garden furniture is only possible by knowing the supply chain. But with complex global supply chains, retailers and producers face a significant challenge gathering and reporting accurate data.

In this context, to maintain the integrity of their standard, standard setters need to ensure their members and licencees can collaborate on data sharing to accurately identify the origin and production processes of the entire supply chain.

Global Traceability know the complexity and cost of implementing traceability into supply chains and understand first-hand the cautiousness about data ownership and sharing. RADIX Tree is our solution to clear these major barriers, making it easier to connect with suppliers – and they with their suppliers – on a secure online platform.

Implementing supply chain traceability with RADIX Tree

As one part of the Pantegrity modular solution, standard setters can integrate their requirements with the RADIX Tree platform. RADIX Tree’s flexibility means any standard can use it for their requirements.


Members, certified companies and licencees utilise the platform for efficient data gathering. They connect with their suppliers and clients, much like a social network, to easily share the necessary information on their products.

For example, a food standard setter may require all products within their standard have traceable data on the origin of an ingredient. Businesses along that supply chain can connect with their suppliers, and they with theirs, to easily upload supporting documents and data on their product. Businesses can set validation rules that ensure they are alerted to any errors or invalid documents from their suppliers. This strengthens the integrity of data in the supply chain, and provides a more efficient data collection method in preparation for audits.

RADIX Tree also improves the monitoring of data. Monitoring organisations working with a company can be granted an account to monitor the data they receive from suppliers. The EUTR monitoring organisation NEPCon currently does this, for example, monitoring supply chain data on RADIX Tree for timber products complying with European timber regulation.

A proven roll-out process

Today, RADIX Tree has over 70,000 companies represented, from international consumer goods companies to raw material traders. Implementing traceability has never been easier as there is a significant overlap of suppliers already on the platform.

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