Global Traceability partner with e-Audit to provide solutions to social and environmental compliance challenges

This partnership offers our combined expertise in the development and implementation of industry standards, promoting ethical business practices and sustainable development.

Environmental and social risk management across complex global supply chains require effective data driven assurance and risk management programs. e-Audit provide data-driven risk management solutions, including environmental and social risk management programs and training. We are partnering with e-Audit to provide our product traceability solution, RADIX Tree, enabling full visibility across complex multi-tier supply chains to mitigate risk and demonstrate compliance.

Services for companies, auditors & inspectors, consultants.

Our partnerships services:

e-Audit Platform: SAAS online integrated end-to-end audit and inspection program management tool for real time visibility across your audit and inspection programs.

Supplier Programs: Policies, procedures and workflows. From planning assessments and fieldwork to analytics, issue management and reporting.

Workers Voice: Workflows and surveys, grievance resolution procedures, real-time risk management dashboard. Cost-effective and practical mitigation of social risk across supply chains.

Coaching & Training: Managing practical and focused training programs to improve social and environmental compliance.

Product Traceability: RADIX Tree is used across multiple industries, by retailers, manufacturers and raw material producers as a proven traceability technology. It enables intuitive and affordable data-sharing to map and track products across entire complex global supply chains.

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