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A simple, convenient tool for EUTR due diligence

Global Traceability are the providers of RADIX Tree, the online platform that connects businesses to share sustainability information on their products. We also combine our technical knowledge and experience to provide risk assessment services for compliance with the EU Timber Regulation.

The notebook – in our example – was traced on RADIX Tree with our services to reach down to forest level, significantly reducing the burden of due diligence. We engaged with the suppliers involved, trained them on what was required for the EUTR and streamlined a once time consuming, complex process.

Our clients come from all across the timber and wood product sector, from retailers to primary producers.


home24_articlehome24 use RADIX Tree as basis for EUTR due diligence, risk assessment and as data management system for our supply chain documentation. RADIX Tree allows us to have organised and readily available documents at hand to ensure an effective due diligence process.”


How it works

Step 1: Connect

Users subscribe to RADIX Tree and invite their suppliers to the platform, who can connect with their own.

Step 2: Suppliers upload and share their information

Our EUTR template ensures suppliers know all the product and supply chain information required to perform a thorough risk assessment. Simply uploading it to the platform.

Sharing supply chain information on radix tree

Step 3: Risk assessment

Now you can conduct a risk assessment of the data you’ve received from all your suppliers.

Our services

EUTR Specialists

Our experts can provide a range EUTR risk assessment services to support your due diligence. We can also provide training and support to get you and your suppliers comfortable with the platform.

We developed RADIX Tree as a convenient tool for EUTR due diligence in 2012, and continue to improve it through our experience working with clients. We understand the challenges tracing complex global supply chains and can match our services according to your requirements.

  • Roll out and supplier on-boarding
  • Supplier training
    – EUTR concept training
    – RADIX Tree technical usage (free to all users)
  • Document checking and chasing
  • Risk assessment

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