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Specialists in EUTR compliance solutions

We provide The platform for timber supply chains, RADIX Tree, with over 80,000 businesses represented and significant coverage of the timber sector.

RADIX Tree enables you to connect with your supply chain partners – much like a social network – to share and collect vital sustainability information on your products. Our dedicated EUTR template ensures suppliers know exactly what information is required and can easily upload it to the platform.timber suppliers on radix treeSignificantly, as networks of timber supply chains on the platform have grown many new users have suppliers active on the platform.  They are already familiar with the process of sharing relevant EUTR compliance documents. A validation and warning system alerts you to potential issues so you can act quickly to mitigate risk.

EUTR Specialists

Our experts can provide a range of EUTR risk assessment services to support your due diligence requirements. We can also provide training to get you and your suppliers comfortable with the platform.


  • Implementation and supplier on-boarding
  • Risk assessment service
  • EUTR training and guidance on checking documents from China
  • Supplier training in English, German, French and Chinese
    – EUTR concept training
    – RADIX Tree technical usage (free to all users)
  • Document checking and chasing
Training service for radix tree eutr
Online training is free for all RADIX Tree users


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