EU Launches New Public Consultation on Illegal Logging & EUTR

The EU has launched the next round of public consultations on the effectiveness of EU regulations and on exploring more widely the ways to reduce Europe’s role in deforestation.

Since 2013, the EU Timber Regulation & FLEGT have been key pillars of the EU’s efforts against deforestation and illegal logging. The EUTR requires operators placing timber products into the single market to perform due diligence to mitigate the risk of illegally logged timber entering their supply chains. Critics have questioned its effectiveness since its introduction, citing inconsistent enforcement and product exceptions that mean many timber products are exempt from the process – like chairs, charcoal and some printed products.

You can put your responses to the EU using the links below. If you’d prefer to give us your thoughts we will summarise and provide the feedback to the EU and can do so annoymously. We are active stakeholders, experts in EUTR compliance and welcome the opportunity to give detailed views from the timber sector, within and outside the EU.  We can also translate any feedback in Chinese.

What are your thoughts? How has the EUTR impacted your business? What more could be done on an EU level to develop a truly sustainable timber industry? Let us know here by 30th October.


We'll add your feedback to our report to the EU consultation. We won't use your contact information unless you request it.

You can respond to the EU directly on the effectiveness of the EUTR by 26 November 2020  (midnight Brussels time) here.

Or the wider consultation on reducing the risk of deforestation related to products entering the EU market by 10 December 2020  (midnight Brussels time) here.


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