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headlinesA proven due diligence solution for furniture retailers and manufacturers

We developed the RADIX Tree platform in 2012 as a solution to incoming challenge of EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) compliance and other timber legality requirements. Since then we’ve grown the platform to over 80,000 companies with significant coverage of the timber industry.

In recent years, the competent authorities have moved on from lower hanging fruit and taken closer inspection of more complex furniture supply chains. We now work with many retailers and manufacturers to implement our proven due diligence solution.

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Reduce Riskmanufaact-furntiru

Reduce the risk of non-compliance with the  EUTR and other timber legality legislation by using a proven process and due diligence system. We’ve worked with businesses all across the timber and retail sector, all those checked by the authorities have passed investigations. RADIX Tree enables you to connect your supply chain for efficient data gathering, while our experts can support your risk assessment process.

sawmillCost effective

Managing all your timber due diligence data on RADIX Tree represents a cost effective solution, reducing administration whilst improving the risk assessment process. On RADIX Tree you only pay for the number of direct connections you need with pricing affordable for every business along the supply chain, starting at €20 a month.

Today over 80,000 companies are represented on the platform with considerable overlap of suppliers for the timber sector across the globe.trees

This means you will find many of your suppliers on the network already. They know how to manage due diligence and are already trained how to provide you with the necessary documentation.

Our clients include furniture companies including Globus, Hellweg, Home 24 and By Boo. DIY retailers and timber traders like DT Group and JAF Group as well as Unilever and the Sustainable Biomass Program. All PEFC certification data is managed on RADIX Tree.

Have a look at how RADIX Tree works below or drop us a note and we’ll quickly arrange a free demonstration with one of our experts.