Contribute to the Consultation on EUTR Product Scope

This month the European Commission announced the start of a public consultation on the product scope of the EUTR. Contributions can be submitted up to the 28th April 2018. Any interested parties are invited to participate.

This follows a review of the effectiveness of the EUTR during its first two years. The review concluded that the European Commission may consider amending the product scope, subject to impact assessments of options.

What products do you think should be included in the EUTR?


The consultation with stakeholders forms part of the impact assessment process. The main aim of this public consultation is to gather views and evidence on possible changes to the EUTR product scope. The consultation is structured around the main question whether the current product scope of the EUTR should be amended or not – and if yes, to what extent.

The consultation questionnaire is available here and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. This is an excellent opportunity to contribute your view on the effectiveness and functionality of the product scope of the EUTR.

Find more information from the European Commission.

At Global Traceability, we expect the result of this review will lead to the regulation to include more products rather than less. Businesses involved in the timber product industry should consider this in their internal planning or get in touch for more advice.