RADIX Tree is the flexible, multi-compliance management & traceability platform for all industry supply chains.

Global Traceability help businesses connect and verify their products’ supply chain. Join the thousands using our platform RADIX Tree today.

Supply chain connected

Trace your supply chain

Use the RADIX Tree platform for end-to-end traceability of any supply chain, from timber to seafood, fabrics & more.

Compliance on RADIX Tree

Manage all your compliance 

Our proven system to manage and verify  compliance data for social, sustainability and environmental regulations.

Get expert support & advice

We support businesses with risk assessments, supplier training and onboarding.

Our clients

Sustainable Biomass
Mont Blanc Logo GTS Client

‘RADIX Tree allows us to have organised and readily available documents at hand to ensure an effective due diligence process.’


RADIX Tree represents a ‘substantial improvement for the DIY industry when complying with the regulations.’


Our platform

RADIX Tree is our solution for connecting and sharing data with your supply chain.

Flexible tools give you visibility over the raw materials that make up your products, help demonstrate compliance and mitigate risk.

Our team’s 30+ years of experience in the traceability space has allowed us to grow rapidly: thousands operate on our traceability platform RADIX Tree.

RADIX Tree dashboard

An intuitive data-sharing tool to help you map your entire supply chain


Affordable for every member of your supply chain


Flexible to all industries

Watch – How RADIX Tree can work for you

Timber Legality Expertise

We provide the platform for timber due diligence and compliance with the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR).

Our solution simplifies the information gathering process and our experts can support you and your suppliers.

Thousands of timber product suppliers are already onboard.


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Looking ahead: Timber & Forest Legality in 2022

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