A Proven EUTR Compliance Solution – Combining Online Tools and Expert Guidance

To comply with regulations including the EUTR, the Lacey Act and Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act businesses need to gather accurate information from their supply chain to perform due diligence. This effects businesses dealing in most timber, furniture, paper and board products.

With over 80,000 businesses already represented on RADIX Tree, many thousands of timber and timber product suppliers are already active on the platform. This overlap makes it easier than ever to connect with your suppliers.

Watch our video to see how RADIX Tree works.


How RADIX Tree can support your compliance

Connect with your suppliers on RADIX Tree to gather information:


The platform works like a social network, suppliers and clients are invited to connect online to build a supply chain network. Your suppliers share due diligence information with you – such as species, country of harvest, volume and certificate number. Data is encrypted and stored.


Perform risk assessment using RADIX Tree’s features:

With all the due diligence data in one place, it can now be assessed by the user or by a monitoring organisation and other third parties. The verification system alerts users to potential risk of non-compliance – for example if a supplier fails to declare the species of the raw material – allowing for prompt action.


Two of the core requirements of compliance – information gathering and risk assessment – are all facilitated through RADIX Tree. Our sustainability experts can guide you through the process, including to help you on-board suppliers or customize your account. Alternatively, RADIX Tree is ready to use solution to get started on straight away, simply register here and look through our training materials.

Additional support services

Global Traceability and the monitoring organisation NEPCon offer a joint service combining RADIX Tree with NEPCon’s LegalSource expertise. Companies are setup with an account tailored to validate supplier data to the requirements of the EUTR. A dedicated LegalSource expert is assigned to monitor the data for risk and if required can initiate actions to mitigate risk.


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