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Global Traceability have over fifteen years of experience in implementing industry networks and traceability solutions. We understand first-hand the cautiousness about data ownership and sharing as well as the logistical and financial barriers to knowing complex global supply chains.

RADIX Tree is our solution to clear these barriers, making it easier to connect with your suppliers – and they with their suppliers – on a common online platform. Flexible and easy to use tools allow you to track products, verify their data and simplify your administration.

We worked in partnership with our clients to ensure RADIX Tree is a user friendly solution, affordable to every business. Today, over 70,000 businesses are represented on RADIX Tree, from multi-national companies to small primary producers of raw materials.

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Integrity Through Traceability

How an efficient solution to supply chain traceability can help ensure integrity for standard setters. Ensuring high sustainability standards from everything from food to garden furniture is only possible by knowing …

Pricing Options

Start Up

Connect with one business relationship, for example a supplier or client. You can always upgrade.
  • Monthly subscription provides:
  • 1 Business Relationship
  • 1GB Disk Space


Great for medium sized businesses, connect with up to 5 business relationships.
  • Monthly subscription provides:
  • 5 Business Relationships
  • 3GB Disk Space


Great for larger companies allowing you to connect with up to 10 business relationships.
  • Monthly subscription provides:
  • 10 Business Relationships
  • 5GB Disk Space


This professional package allows you to connect with up to 20 business relationships.
  • Monthly subscription provides:
  • 20 Business Relationships
  • 10GB Disk Space


For larger organisations we can tailor a subscription package to your needs. Please ask for a quote.
  • Monthly subsciption provides:
  • Unlimited Business Relationships
  • Unlimited Disk Space

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